Clinica Odontológica Integral carries out all areas of Dentistry to offer its patients complete solutions for their dental health needs.


Our team of profesionals, led by Doctor Arias Fonseca, applies the latest techniques in general Dentistry, Implantology, Orthodontics, Dental Aesthetics (Cosmetic Surgery) and digital diagnostics, among other specialities.

Advanced clinic

At Clinica Odontológica Integral we solve the most common oral and dental health needs (tooth decay, root canal work, cleaning...) but we also carry out an advanced dental surgery practice where we can find solutions to more complex problems such as Orthodontics, Implants or periodontal surgery, among others.

Complete Treatment

We are able to offer our patients a complete treatment, following the evolution of their case from the beginning to the end, and always with the advice and the monitoring of the same professionals.


The new facilities available at Clinica Odontológica Integral include a new surgical area, in addition to an area for conferences and talks where we share experiences with prestigious professionals. And for our patients... greater comfort and privacy as well as new anaesthetic techniques which are incorporated into the group of facilities at COI.